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October 24, 2007


J. van Lauwe

If Obama offers the VP to Hilliary I am going to vote for John McCain. No one owes Hillary anything.

J. Hohmann

Just who posted this information? I believe they seem to forgot the most important information for one that was looking for "Obama Headquarters in St. Louis" as I was. That would be the location as for address and such! Sad! Where in the heck can one get bumper stickers or yard signs?

K. Gillespie

I agree with J. Hohlmann - I want to find the local Obama campaign offices so I can buy a yard sign - put your address at the top of the page (or anywhere on the page)!

Kevin H


Saint Louis City HQ
3126 Olive St.
Saint Louis, MO
(314) 346-4179

STL City - Euclid
625 N Euclid
Saint Louis, MO

STL City - Hazelwood
9144 Pershall
Saint Louis, MO

STL City - North City
8709 Riverview Blvd
Saint Louis, MO

STL City - South City
2715 Cherokee St.
Saint Louis, MO

STL City - Tower Grove
200 S. 39th St.
Saint Louis, MO

Gail Holzhausen

I would like to purchase an Obama Campaign button and I live in Columbia Illinois (62236). Where can I obtain one quickly?


Now more than ever it is apparent that neither the democrats nor the republicans have in mind the best interest of the american people.

Instead they cater to wall street crooks, the health insurance industry, oil giants. etc etc and the list goes on as it will continue to,

unless us we as the people begin to fight back. We are not profits in the work place we are not to be held by the mercy of exxon as to are

we not going to support the billions of dollars spent in iraq and on wall street bail outs. With that being said i am here in search of fearless

freedom fighters, agents of democracy and all those who are fed up with the complacency of the two parties.

If the forementioned is of interest to you join me by helping spread the word of the RALPH NADER canidacy.

What this would entail would be, helping distribute flyers, phone banking and sharing any other

ideas you may have in regards to getting the campaign known.

You get to meet new people as well as knowing that you were part of a movement directed at

the betterement of the world and the rejection of the flawed and failed policies of the Republicrats.

Let the St. Louis area and the country know you are fed up.

We have just a few weeks left until the election, lets surprise people and get the word out there.

Ralph is currently at 6% in a nation wide poll. I encourage all of you to visit the website www.votenader.org

All those interested in helping please send an email to sickfno@hotmail.com

No to Obama's pay or die health care system and No to McCain's 100 year perpetuation of the war.

"It is better to vote for what you want and not get it, than to vote for what you dont want and get it"
-Eugene V. Debs

Mary Jackson

Your web site is not working correctly(11/2/08).I have been attempting to relay and receive info and either get wrong info or an expired page.
I informed mid-town office of misinformation I have found or been given by phone yesterday and e-mail this evening but page expired popped up when I attempted to submit


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